S6E04 – 11.23.63

Another installment of AirWreckRadio from 106.3 WRFZ – Rochester! Our Friday Radio show is this weeks 2nd installment of AirWreckRadio. The boys kick off the episode discussing their soul-crushing loss in the #BestOfRochester2017 contest put on by the City Newspaper in Rochester, NY. In the news segment, the boys spend their time

S5E40 – SciFi Lies

This week’s second installment of AirWreckRadio includes: Discussions about celebrity politicians like Senator Kid Rock, cutting the cord from cable providers, scientific tabloid television, and the boys Town Supervisor Jack Moore.   #AirWreckRadio #CPaineMedia #SNOD #Roc #Rochester #Blog #OpinionPiece #CommunityRadio #Radio #Podcast #PodernFamily #Politcs #Economics #News #Media #CutTheCord #KidRock #SciFi #Local Politics  

S5E38 – Notpocalypse

This week AirWreckRadio brings you two episodes of delicious podcast content. The boys prepare for the end of nothing with the “Notpocalypse” discussing all that Luke foretold. Onto LSD and its LD50 for an Elephant! The evil fur devil cats have organized and allied with Toxoplasmaghondi to infect the brains of people

S5E31 – Guardian of the Galaxy

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys race home from the radio station in order to deliver to you this regularly scheduled podcast program. Discussing the current presidential administration, some international political developments, and the developing; North Korea situation. All this and more on AirWreckRadio. AirWreckRadio: Keepin on rocking in the Wrecked world.

S5E30 – Nerd_Up!

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys really flex their broadcasting muscle bringing you fine Wreckheads over three hours of original content! 60 minutes LIVE on WRFZ-Rochester, 60 minutes of AirWreckRadio The Podcast, and a bonus 60 of Nerd_Up! with special guest EmersonThor from www.UnderTheSkin.TV. That’s 180 minutes of podcast gold. You

S5E29 – Its a Lucky Show!

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys really flex their broadcasting muscle bringing you fine Wreckheads over three hours of original content! 60 minutes LIVE on WRFZ-Rocester, 60 minutes of AirWreckRadio The Podcast, and a bonus 60 of Nerd_Up! with special guest EmersonThor from www.UnderTheSkin.TV. That’s 180 minutes of podcast gold. You

S5E20 – RantWreckRadio

This week on AirWreckRadio Cory gets a bit “ranty” and Stacey obliges. They discuss Donald Trump, Russia, Twitter, Cathy Griffan, police, militarization, post-modern liberalization, and so much more in this 1.5x episode AirWreckRadio. AirWreckRadio: Like a fat girl on prom night, we got stood up again #AirWreckRadio #CPaineMedia #Podcast #Podcasts

S4E39 – WRONG!

This week’s episode is back to the basics with another free-stylin’ and profiling episode complete with Dr. Dre lyrics. Digging and starting off with the subject social discourses through the analog of bar room etiquette and social media. Then covering the election including some local coverage for the boys, the

S4E38 – ¡Nerd Up!

This week’s episode of AirWreckRadio is, in fact, not AirWreckRadio. This installment is Cory and Stacey’s new-to-be regularly scheduled geek out called ¡Nerd Up! Covering a nameless election for public office but moving quickly into movie reviews of TMNT and Suicide Squad. Then on to some updates and dialogue about

S4E36 – #WikiRolled

This weeks episode of AirWreckRadio is a well polished, smooth running machine of a podcast locomotive. We start our adventure as our heroes cover what happened to Kim K, Oh My Gawd! Then on to less important things like the Vice-Presidential debates, the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnsons inability to be

S4E19 – Where my check at?

This weeks on AirWreckRadio starts out in #nerdville as Cory and Stacey #Geekoff all over the podoshere talking about their experience with different aspect of the Marvel Universe. Then on to politics covering the Democratic Presidential run, voter suppression, and tax code. Segway-ing nicely into a less then fun but

S4E17 – Tubscores

This weeks episode ushers back the area of AirWreckRadio. We at AirWreckRadio.com love nothing more than this podcast and the growth that it brings; both in the show and in our lives. The Model Citizen Project (TMCP) was a child of that urge to evolve and though we will be

S4E11 – The Model Citizen Project 30

This week on the Model Citizen Project, Cory is off taking some much needed time to consider the value of facial hair! Stacey’s wife Tami swoops in to save the day! Topics include: An average Senator’s campaign fundraising, and what that means for you, how Donald Drumpf and Bernie Sanders

S4E10 – The Model Citizen Project 29

Thanks for checking out The Model Citizen Project. The best dressed Podcast recording while driving westbound in a Ford, down the Thomas E. Dewey Interstate Thruway. This weeks episode of the Project is a very special on-the-go episode because the boys headed to Albany this week to meet with Assembly

S4E08 – The Model Citizen Project 26

This weeks installment of The Project is mostly gone, because our recording staff is less than adequate. The good news is, you do still get what WOULD have been the bonus episode. Now you get this, this is The Model Citizen Project. Next week on The Project special guests, the

S4E07 – The Model Citizen Project 25

Senator Bernie Sanders starts off this weeks installment of The Model Citizens Project dropping the mic on the Democratic Debate. The boys talk presidential election politics AGAIN, covering some usual themes, with a the slight air of a Drumpf-thaw. Politics a usual topped with some tech talk here on The

S4E05 – The Model Citizen Project 23

This weeks Model Citizen Project installment is brought to you in part by entertainment support from groups like Republicans, Democrats, and Washington DC as a whole. Spending this weeks episode talking about Richard Dreyfuss, Stacey complaint corner, the presidential race, Florida, solar power and the future recession. All this and

S4E04 – The Model Citizen Project 23

****SPOILER ALERTS**** The boys both went to see Deadpool this weekend and wanted to discuss the movie, so they did. Complete with toilet language and terribly inappropriate jokes you would expect the boys discuss the cinematic credibility of the film and more. This is the entertainment addition of The Model

S4E03 – The Model Citizen Project 22

The Model Citizen Project is back with a brand new invention. The boys attempt to take this one serious in the wake of Antonin Scalia’s death. They discuss Mitch McConnell and his purposefully obstructive congress before they discuss other purposely obstructive congresses circa 2007. They cover a handful of Justices

S4E02 – The Model Citizen Project 21

The boys use this episode to follow up on the last installment by starting off with more Chuck Shumer talk, but this time we use him to make an example. Stacey breaks down the costs of Chuck’s continued Senator-ship and then the boys play a fun game called “What could

S4E01 – The Model Citizen Project 20

On this your second of this weeks installments, the boys bring to you the 16th century as they discuss the curvature of the earth. Then onto the usually scheduled content covering the presidential nomination race and the New Hampshire primary. The boys discuss New York Sate Senator Chuck Shumer and

AirWreckRadio 147 – The Model Citizen Project

Firing up the podcast machine, Cory and Stacey pump out a single episode of genus for this weeks listeners. Starting with Flint Michigan’s water crisis, followed by thier takes on the latest #DemDebate, Ted Cruz and his views on #NewYorkValues, also they cover Sarah Palin endorsing Drumpf for the win.

AirWreckRadio 146 – The Model Citizen Project

During your weeks second installment of the gift of podcasting. Cory and Stacey talk about how they won $1.6 Billion dollars, then thy rolled over and fluff their perspective and metaphorical pillows. Then the GOP debate, presidential candidates, the Iowa caucus, the reports of a possible UN call to end

AirWreckRadio 142 – The Model Citizen Project

In part deux of our “News Years EX-TR-AV-AG-AN-ZA”, Stacey get it lit when he blows up a list of numbers from 2015 that cover all sorts of interesting facts and statistics including car recalls, police deaths, and much more. Onto Stacey top science hits split into two categories Medicine and

AirWreckRadio 141 – The Model Citizen Project

Feeling full of New Years jolly we drop out dopest mix tape yet called “Our two part New Years EX-TR-AV-AG-AN-ZA!”. Part one kick off with the Ball in Cory’s court as we cover his top 10 moments in podcasting including Podfest, our friend Meredith, and Cory’s favorite moment with Stacey.

AirWreckRadio 139 – The Model Citizen Project

Finally the long awaited opening of episode seven! This iteration kicks off with a blast-er, discussing flying droids and why their agendas should be documented. Then onto “Error 451”, Snowden feels “The Bern”, Putin endorses Drumpf. Then we are introduced to the Stoner Sloth! These sizzling topics and more meandering

AirWreckRadio 137 – The Model Citizen Project

Podcast and chill with the romance inducing tones of The Model Citizen Project. Join us when our heroes (and the defenders of liberty) launch into action discussing such harrowing topics as the convictions of Skelos and Skelos Jr, The New York State call for a constitution convention and a Supreme

AirWreckRadio 136 – The Model Citizen Project

The WreckDown: On this weeks second episode Cory and Stacey break out the bogey discussing the US Militarily’s new policy regarding women’s combat roles and alternative life style acceptance. Then the boys talk about Hillary Clinton, her remarks during the last Democratic Presidential Debate, and her current Op-Ed piece in

AirWreckRadio 135 – The Model Citizen Project

The TMCP WreckDown: This episode the boys get busy with the quickness. Starting with our weekly Drumpf-date and his outrageous stances on Muslims and immigration. We also discuss President Obama’s address with its good execution but total lack of charisma and charm. And of course that leads into talks about

AirWreckRadio 134 – The Model Citizen Project

Feeling invigorated and full of podcast gold the boys go for round two dropping another hour of The Model Citizen Project. Talking about a terribly performed study on women’s sexual preferences (podcasters of course). Then into a local tragedy; the shooting of Don Ball and some of the implication of the situation.

AirWreckRadio 133 – The Model Citizen Project

The introductory episode of “The Model Citizen Project” in which we meet our hosts and heroes Cory and Stacey. With a brief history of our hosts podcasting experience they are off to the races. Covering  time travel, Donald Drumpf, Syria, refugees, the global effort on ISIS and so much more

AirWreckRadio 132 – I’m not paying for a stamp or Mexico is made in America

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys spit it ill and fresh bringing you hot topics like current state of country music through Stacey’s eyes and where the word turkey (the delicious one) comes from. Then onto the news with Turkey (the country one) and Russia, we think China has a

AirWreckRadio 131 – Wrapped Up In History

This week on AirWreck the boy start by avoiding there first subject so long they segway into it. Starting with the terror attack in Paris, and some possible global implications like the French call to war, American and Russian involvement. Then on to the Ohio pot vote, marijuana distribution laws,

AirWreckRadio 130 – Mergers and Acquisitions

This week the boys talk about the rise of Republicans Marco Rubio (running for President) and Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House). From there it’s privatizing welfare, and how that might work? Then Kraft/Hienz merger puts 405 jobs at risk in Livingston County, but Chuck Schumer and Gov. Cuomo save

AirWreckRadio 129 – Of Wolf and Man

This week on AirWreckRadio, Ben Carson is still gaining speed in the Republican Primaries, China bans golf, the U.S. sails into the South China Sea, Ohio votes on Pot, Oklahoma’s Mayor apologizes for her husbands KKK costume, Anonymous outs 2k+ KKK members, what is a Coywolf, and how domestication produces

AirWreckRadio 128 – The Filthy Fifteen

This week on AirWreckRadio, be sure to stick round till the end, when Stacey’s mic falls off the table. Until then, Cory Kicks things off with an inspirational message that’s been making the rounds on “the line.” From there it’s into the news: How should smart cars deal with unavoidable

AirWreckRadio 127 – Back To The Present

This week on AirWreckRadio: Minecraft is more awesome than you think, Back to The Future is here! (place disappointment here), Ben Carson Ties Drumpf for 1st? The Democratic Debate fluff piece, China 3D prints homes, Hilary emails reveal what we knew all along, now what are we going to to

AirWreckRadio 125 – What is in a name?

This week: Drumpf Hats (not officialy made in China), Apocalipse Now? Cheerieos, Anti-Vaxxers and Silly Petitions, Gun Rights and Health Care! Plus, Unboiling an Egg wins an Ignobel Prize! AirWreckRadio.com and ROCPodcasts.com :We couldn’t “wow” four “U”s and an “O”! Don’t forget, Stacey is on this weeks Rochester Show talking

AirWreckRadio 124 – A Lot Happened

This week on AirWreckRadio boys are shocked by how much happened this week! The Pope, John Boehner, Vladimir Putin, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Blood Moons and “water” on Mars. ROCPodcasts.com and AirWreckRadio.com: Bringing you the “eh”est entertainment on the internet since 1978!!!

AirWreckRadio 123 – Billionaires Behaving Badly

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys kick things off by asking a simple question: If Bruce Wayne really cares about crime prevention, is financing and being Batman really the most efficient way he could do that? From there it’s more billionaires of questionable moral standing. Who’s the douche that just

AirWreckRadio 122 – Missed Connections & Listener Requests

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys are back with a promise to offer our listeners a more consistent listening experience than ever before! Cory blindsides Stacey with Craigslist.com’s “Missed Connections,” which leads to some NFL talk. From there it’s Kim Davis, Drumpf, a LISTENER REQUEST (That’s a thing you can

AirWreckRadio 119 – The $1.20 Burger

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys start the show off talking about Stacey ache’n throat and jury duty saga. Then on the business as usual discussing crime and the justice system, D-Drumpf, a little free market talk and some internet comments. All this and more on this weeks AirWreckRadio.

AirWreckRadio 118 – Clippey Things and Slidey bits (or) Bloviating [a_verb]

This week on AirWreckRadio Mr. Coghlan was off to Albany on his motor cycle again. Jared Fogel’s latest legal woes, Russia is scary, George Zimmerman’s fine art collection, killer robot funding and what you can do to help. Then the boys discuss “The Liberty Amendments” by Mark Levine, tacking the

AirWreck Radio 117 – Coach Bellor-a-check

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys welcome our DEER friend Bill in studio to talk about the ol’ grid iron to which both Cory and Bill are woefully unprepared. So on to business as usual touching on Donny “The Train-wreck” Drumpf, the FOX hosted republican debate, Stacey’s new friend at

AirWreckRadio 112 – Blue is NOT Stupid

This week on AirWreckRadio Drumpf thinks globally moble people are bad and the Euro-Zone is crumbling! Find out why with the boys! Also, Jarred from Subway might be in trouble, the Stars & Bars, and marriage equality! This and more on AirWreckRadio.com and ROCPodcasts.com

AirWreckRadio 107 – Freedom and Fast Food

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys discuss Milton Freidmen’s “Capitalism and Freedom” circa 1963! Also, a Kansas law that forces welfare recipients to give a full 10% of their benefits to America’s Big Banks. Stacey’s attempt to bring up the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act,” A.K.A “The DARK Act”

AirWreckRadio 106 – Nestle in Four Letters

This Week on AirWreckRadio the boys talk about Sweden’s neon gay sailor Russian submarine defense system, what a Nevada student had to say to Jeb Bush, Banks that plead guilty and still get off Scott-Free, the Antarctic Ice Shelf and where it could be in 5 years, Nestle and more!

AirWreckRadio 105 – Drugs on War

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys get back to HeadLineNews, the segment that made them famous! Korean “Top Dawg” sits down with CNN and makes some reasonably good points. Then, NYS is #1 most corrupt State in the Union! A Russian spacecraft crashes to Earth (or water)! Lastly; 3-D printed

AirWreckRadio 104 – A New Hope

This Week on AirWreckRadio the boys celebrate their 2 year anniversary! The discussion starts with Stacey’s misadventures in fish ownership. From there it’s onto the contest for the Republican nod for the 2016 presidential race. Then it’s meat and potatoes time! The boys start with the history of humanity and

AirWreckRadio 103 – TGI…T

This week on AirWreckRadio, the boys are running late! Stacey goes to a local gas station and is told that it’s illegal to by a 6 pack without a plastic bag. From there, Baltimore is burning down. Why is that? Also, Walmart may be part of the military industrial complex.

AirWreckRadio 102 – Our day off

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys forgo their usual civil disagreements to just chit-chat about whatever. Topics include new smartphones, flag desecration, herbicide & the environment, and a little pot talk to celebrate 4/20 Day! Dave’s not here, but AirWreckRadio.com is!

AirWreckRadio 101 – Social Demediocracy

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys discuss another Robert Reich one question Survey. This one is all about choosing what should be the Progressive agenda in the near future. Also, Ted “the Ninja Turtle” Cruz, Hilary “those are my emails” Clinton, and a Wu-Tang Gang-Bang. This and more on AirWreckRadio.com

AirWreckRadio 100 – Centennial-dippin’

This week on AirWreckRadio, the boys celebrate there centennial episode with business as usual. Discussing football tax, trout season, and oceans in space. Also covering the RFRA, Snowden, El Jebo, Balanced Budget Amendment. Then for a musical break by Alvarez Mastermind and onto Facebook Divorce, and Florida Drugs to wrap

AirWreckRadio 099 – Whose Rights Are They, Anyways?

This week on AirWreckRadio it’s beer, The Bills, Monopoly, a stolen cars wacky adventure, and Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Stacey says it’s grounds for unnecessary discrimination, Cory says “let them have their discriminate, and eat it too!” Special thanks to Ross Johnson of The Sound of Tomorrow Podcast,

AirWreckRadio 098 – The Alabama Gramma

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys jump right into a rocky start with some Podcast and Model Citizen Talk. Then they find thier line a,d smoothly cover voter registration with ” Walker Wisconsin Asshole”, #TedCruzCampaignSlogans, TedCruz’s tail, Alabama Grandma set to die and WAY more here on AirWreckRadio

AirWreckRadio 097 – Nothing to be proud of!

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys discuss racist accents, Zionism, water shortages, and an email from democrats.org asking if bailing out the auto industry makes us feel more proud than reforming Wall Street. AirWreckRadio.com, where fair and balanced means weighed and balanced…or whatever.

AirWreckRadio 095 – Al-ahkbar Aquafier

This week on AirWreckRadio we scaled back the show to balance out last week’s episode. A shorty but a goody this episode is packed with content! From space talk with our resident Astrophysicist Dr. Tom to a little gift left in the Bill Clinton Presidential portrait. Including a tribute to

AirWreckRadio 093 – Ack Right, Freak Out!

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys are swinging for the fences and hanging from the rafters! Kicking things off is Common Core, and what it seems designed to do to Public Schools. Then it’s to the oceans, courtesy of NASA! That’s right, NASA is building a submarine! Tim McGraw says

AirWreckRadio 092 – Why it sucks!

This week on AirWreck, the boys start the show off talking about their experience at “ROCPodfest II: Pod-Harder!” and show relief that the pressure and plugs are over for a while. After a showcase of AirWreckRadio’s 10 minute set at the festival and a nod to The Record Archive, the boys

AirWreckRadio 091 – Groundhog Punch

This week in AirWreck, the boys get the episode started with a “plug-fest” covering the up coming Podfest II, the coat drive Stacey has organized, a #tbt Cory put together, a soon to be episode of STTA and the new website. All this before we even get started! Then its

AirWreckRadio 090 – Obamanomics

This week on AirWreck, the boys get into to it deep discussing, the State of the Union, Stacey’s meetings in the capital and more! In the headline the boys go over, Sheldon Silver, Sarah Palin, GMO mosquitoes, and gay marriage in Alabama. Then on to oil prices that effect all

AirWreckRadio 089 – Stratragedy

This week on AirWreck the boys are back to business as usual. Getting the ball rolling early Cory and Stacey spend the first half of the show discussing Podfest II, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Stacey’s meetings in Albany, protests, and the NYPD. Then on to HeadLineNews covering the falling

AirWreckRadio 088 – News Interupted

This week the boys are on their own! With no guest, they hammer through a bunch of topics and news they’ve been waiting to discuss. News includes Courts requires chemo for a 17 year old girl, oil news, and Bill Gates drinks poo! Also, a sexy teacher and what 30%

AirWreckRadio 087 – AirWreckAdderall

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys are joined by a local, self-taught musician named Meredith. She turns out to be a bunch of fun, and joins us for most of the show after she shares a couple of songs with us. In the news, McDonalds is trying to change it’s

AirWreckRadio 053 – Fire Fuscia

This week on AirWreckRadio, the boys trade places to celebrate Season 2. Stacey kicks things off with a story about building a garden and Facebook rudeness. It the news this week, there are drones, mechanical arms, spaceports, and much, much more. AirWreckRadio.com and ROCPodcasts.com, if they can’t make it interesting,