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S6E16 -The Irish Flip

December 8, 2017 AirWreckRadio 0

This week on AirWreckRadio, Upstate Professional Wrestling! The boys talk to Maximo and Godcloud of UPW here in Rochester, NY. They talk about an upcoming gig, […]

S6E04 – 11.23.63

October 30, 2017 AirWreckRadio 0

Another installment of AirWreckRadio from 106.3 WRFZ – Rochester! Our Friday Radio show is this weeks 2nd installment of AirWreckRadio. The boys kick off the […]

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S5E40 – SciFi Lies

September 29, 2017 AirWreckRadio 0

This week’s second installment of AirWreckRadio includes: Discussions about celebrity politicians like Senator Kid Rock, cutting the cord from cable providers, scientific tabloid television, and the boys […]

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S5E39 – #TakeAKnee

September 27, 2017 AirWreckRadio 0

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys kick the show off with some banter about the monthly subscription service “Loot Crate”. Our top new stories were […]

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September 25, 2017 AirWreckRadio 0

Standing for the national anthem is un-American. Well, ok maybe not, but forcing me to stand for it against my will certainly is. Citizens of […]

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S5E38 – Notpocalypse

September 23, 2017 AirWreckRadio 0

This week AirWreckRadio brings you two episodes of delicious podcast content. The boys prepare for the end of nothing with the “Notpocalypse” discussing all that Luke foretold. […]

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S5E37 – Podomatic

September 20, 2017 AirWreckRadio 0

This episode of AirWreckRadio is brought to you in part by the letter R. First our heroes embark on an adventure of “what if’s” and “who […]

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S5E30 – Nerd_Up!

August 4, 2017 AirWreckRadio 0

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys really flex their broadcasting muscle bringing you fine Wreckheads over three hours of original content! 60 minutes LIVE on […]

S5E20 – RantWreckRadio

June 7, 2017 AirWreckRadio 0

This week on AirWreckRadio Cory gets a bit “ranty” and Stacey obliges. They discuss Donald Trump, Russia, Twitter, Cathy Griffan, police, militarization, post-modern liberalization, and […]

S4E43 – NightMareica

November 30, 2016 AirWreckRadio 0

Trump appointees to his goon squad, Civil rights violations in relation to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Also the Ctrl-Alt-Right, Stacey wrote a hip-hop, Why Josie […]

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S4E39 – WRONG!

October 26, 2016 AirWreckRadio 0

This week’s episode is back to the basics with another free-stylin’ and profiling episode complete with Dr. Dre lyrics. Digging and starting off with the […]

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S4E38 – ¡Nerd Up!

October 18, 2016 AirWreckRadio 0

This week’s episode of AirWreckRadio is, in fact, not AirWreckRadio. This installment is Cory and Stacey’s new-to-be regularly scheduled geek out called ¡Nerd Up! Covering […]

S4E37- Podcastipated

October 13, 2016 AirWreckRadio 0

This week’s episode of AirAreckRadio is a humdinger of time! This podcast showcase showdown is filled with dazzling prizes! Complete with Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, […]

S4E18 – Good Point

July 9, 2016 AirWreckRadio 0

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys talk a out all the usual things. Donald Drumpf, #BernieEverything, Glen Beck, Violence, HEADLINE-NEWS and FUN FACTS!

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S4E17 – Tubscores

July 9, 2016 AirWreckRadio 0

This weeks episode ushers back the area of AirWreckRadio. We at love nothing more than this podcast and the growth that it brings; both […]