Session 1: Welcome to the Guild

Join Cory from AirWreckRadio and his friends from around the world while they play Dungeons and Dragons on their private Discord server.

This is a Pilot episode so the sound quality is not up to the normal AWR standards bare that in mind while you attempt to enjoy the dumpster fire that is this episode.

It’s been five years since the demise of the famed Phoenix Force who were lost in battle while rescuing the Princess of Griffingaph. In their absence, a guild of ‘Heros for Hire’ known as The Last Hope Adventuring Company has cemented themselves inside the Stromhold Empire as the prevailing force of good. Five young would-be heroes have finally graduated from an intense recruitment and training regiment to receive their first assignment. Simple and straight forward; patrol the local beaches and allow the citizens of the Stormhold capital to rest easy because of The Last Hope Adventuring Company’s presence. However, our young heroes quickly become aware of trouble nearby and spring into action. Join us as our newly minted heroes are put to the test.

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