LHAC Session 2: Terror in the Slums

Join Cory from AirWreckRadio and his friends from around the world while they play Dungeons and Dragons on their private Discord server.

After passing their final test our adventurers are assigned a contract to investigate strange happenings in the Eastern Slums of Stormhold, the capital city of the Republic of Stormhold. Their investigation leads them from one end of the slums to the other, inspecting victims, examining crime scenes, interviewing city officials and local business owners. Their investigation leads them to believe the strange occurrences are linked to the literal underbelly of a massive city. Preparing to take to the sewers our heroes enlist the help of a questionable ally, complete their research and prepare for adventure!

Nick as The Dungeon MasterĀ  (Kentucky, USA)
Chance as T’Nari the Cleric (Kentucky, USA)
Darren as Damien the Sorcerer (Kentucky, USA)
Angus as Operative 5-01 the Monk (Australia)
Oz Nick as Issac the Necromance (Australia)
Cory as Larogs the Rogue (New York, USA)

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