S7E39 Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs!

On this Episode of AirWreckRadio, Stacey sees the signs! While taking in the air on afternoon, he noticed his neighbor had put up a sign in his yard. That sign says “Divide New York,” advocating for the separation on New York City from the rest of the State. Agog, Stacey wonders who his neighbor thinks paid for most of the subsidies that that keep him in his home.

In the news, Anti-vaccers are just the worse, and in NYC they have now been offered the opportunity to pay cash for their idiocy! After a measles outbreak, mayor Rich-Pants MacGee has banned un-vaccinated people from the public, threatening a $1,000 fine for violators. Unfortunately, this happens to effect an community of ultra-orthodox Jewish people, who’s religion forbids vaccination. Here at AirWreckRadio, we think that’s tough cookies. Get Vaccinated.

Also in the news: Bank of America has decided that if you work for them, you will be paid no less than $20/hour and receive good benefits. That’s great! Also, that’s going to provide Bank of America with a ton of new investment capital via their employee’s direct deposit accounts, the balance of which can be leveraged by the bank more than a dozen times over! Oh boy!

Closing things up, the media machine is doing their best to de-legitimize left leaning candidates. Fortunately, the best they can do is accuse Bernie Sanders of being a millionaire now, and therefor somehow illegitimate. Way to swing for the fences, New York Times!

AirWreckRadio: We’re getting too old for this Sh*t!

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