S7E38 Capitalism: The Opposite of Love

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys kick things of with the time-honored tradition of screwing things up! After a little bit of technical difficulty (technically, this stuff is difficult), they get things back on the rails…

In the news: The news stinks, and people are dying because they can’t afford cheap to produce drugs like insulin. Why? Stacey has some thoughts on the matter. It’s not that capitalism is evil, it’s just that it doesn’t care about individuals, even when those individuals make up the majority of the human race. It’s real scary, because when you begin to get ground up by the machine, you also become invisible. It’s the most terrible thing that happens to most people, and it’s not even done with malicious intent. It’s done out of apathy.

Closing things up, …well, that’s really it. Once Stacey got going, he went until there was no time left. Enjoy!

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