L’Eglise a Des Assurances, Des Stupides!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio, Star Trek Discovery has finished up its second season, and Stacey has some thoughts on the show. Cory will, too, but he was waiting for the season to end to start watching. The show looks great, but the writers are swinging for the fences every minute of every episode, seemingly unaware that when you swing big all the time, you miss big many times.

In the news, there’s art all over the city of Rochester that was put their by an artist who, it turns out, is a horrible monster. Bummer.

Also in the news, bunch of tax evading rich people have benevolently ponied up over a billion dollars to rebuild the cathedral at Notre Dame, regardless of the fact that the Catholic Church is a giant, wealthy land-holding corporation. Also, the church is insured. Insurance can pay to rebuild. If rich people want to help, maybe they could just stop avoiding taxation so hard.

Closing things up, MIT economist, Jonathan Gruber, has written a book called “Jump-Starting America.” In his book he asserts that Rochester is a city primed to be a great city in the future. Cory thinks that’s ridiculous, but Stacey thinks Mr. Gruber might be on to something. The book, “Jump-Starting America,” is available on Audible, so expect Stacey to have read it by the next episode of AirWreckRadio!

AirWreckRadio: Did we miss something?

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