S7E37 Our Virtue Signal Has Been On For Like, 3 Miles Since We Turned Left!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio, it’s MaxFun Drive time again! We’re not actually associated with them, but Stacey sure does want you to give $10 to them in his name, so he can get those sweet, sweet pins! Go to MaxFun.com/Donate and give $10/ month so he can get those pins!

After that, it’s time to get nerdy! Cory’s DM asked Cory’s D&D character to save the Cartwright Inn! Also, Stacey was trying to buy a female merchant mini, and was upset to find that the Pathfinder Female Merchant figure was holding drinks over her head. Vertue Signal Warning…

In the News this week:

Do you think the 45 President of the United States of America knows how to cook anything at all?

We don’t.

Actually in the News:

Elizabeth Warren has come out strong with some promises for when she’s President! It’s true! She wants to break up the big internet companies and abolish the electoral college! Great! The house is on fire, and finally, a candidate wants to straighten-up the book shelves!

Also in the Actual News:

The President of the United States sat on his toilet all weekend, Tweeting 50 times about how his enemies are “losers.” He probably did all that hard work while eating boxed hamburders and doing the Denny’s menu word search in “jack-boot black” crayon.

Closing things up, the boys bring you their new NPR bit, “Taking A Nap, With AirWreckRadio!” In that segment, “Metal-heads with Kazoos Drown Out West Borough Baptists Church At Capital” is the headline. Listen up for some good good news!

AirWreckRadio: We’re fun at a party!

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