S7E36 ¿Por Que No Los Dos?

On this episode of AirWreckRadio, the boys learn that our meritocracy…. IS A LIE! It’s true. The gatekeepers of capitalism go on and on about how all you’ve got to do is work hard, and the cream will rise to the top. Turn’s out that’s bullsplit! All you really need is rich parents who can bribe your mediocre hide into the nation’s top schools. We weren’t surprised either.

Also this week, Representative Devin Nunes is a thin skinned little dumpster person! On top of that, he’s also a hypocrite! Mr. Nunes has filed a lawsuit against Twitter because he claims that some Twitter users use the service to harass and humiliate him. Poor fella. Now, what’s crazy about that is that Devin Nunes has voted over-and-over to prevent people from being able to sue gun makers, or gun retailers when people misuse their products. It’s almost as of Representative Devin Nunes is of weak moral fortitude.

Closing things up: It turns out that there is one thing that lawmakers on both sides of the isle can agree on, here in New York, and that thing is Bingo! Apparently we’re not playing enough Bingo, and both Republicans and Democrats are circulating bills to address this most urgent issue. One bill is set to remove the age restriction on Bingoing, and another is set allow more places to host Bingo in the name of charity, or whatever.

Bingo. That’s what we need right now.

AirWreckRadio: We’re getting too old for this split!

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