S7E34 Of Means and Ends

On this episode of AirWreckRadio, Stacey saw a bumper sticker on somebody’s stupid pickup truck that was so idiotically racially insensitive that he just couldn’t wait to talk about how dumb some white folks are.

In the news this week: The headline reads, “Black Lawmakers to Block Legalized Marijuana in N.Y. if Their Communities Don’t Benefit.” Hear at AirWreckRadio, we fully believe in legalization. Putting people in cages over marijuana, a plant that as Cory puts it, “can grow accidentally,” is absolutely immoral. Also, the war on drugs doesn’t work, unless it was designed to fill prisons, in which case, it’s been a stunning success. We know this. You know this. Black Lawmakers know this. So we ask, “why are black lawmakers willing to perpetuate a crime against humanity, one which unequivocally hurts black people more than white people, just to give an advantage to people of both color and means, over white people of means.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re sick of only the rich, primarily white, investor-class reaping all of the direct financial gains that come from legalized marijuana, but we think that not putting poor people in jail, as well as the increased tax revenue are too valuable to be held hostage just to ensure a more democratized sharing of opportunity at the top.

Closing things up… Nope. That’s pretty much it.

AirWreckRadio: Who you gonna call!?

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