S7E32 Who You Gonna Call? The NY State Attorney General’s Office!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys decide they aren’t going to talk about national politics. To prove it, they start off talking about all of the Democrats who are running for President in 2020! After that, some other host on WRFZ decided to go on ranting and raving on Facebook about how people who express empathy when asked their opinions are “snowflakes.” While he certainly has a right to feel that way, we think that makes him a big, dumb, doo-doo face.

In the news, Stacey learned that a local gas station chain, QuickLee’s, is engaged in the illegal practice of forcing their minimum wage employees to pay back the cost of people driving off without paying for their gas. Just to be sure that this was, in fact, as illegal as it seems, Stacey called a Rochester labor attorney. Guess what? IT’S SUPER ILLEGAL TO FORCE EMPLOYEES TO PAY FOR LOSSES! After that, it was time to make a quick call to the New York State Attorney Generals Office to report a crime being committed by a corporate entity against its employees. You can help stop this immoral, illegal activity by calling the Attorney General’s Office at 1-800-771-7755.

Closing things up, New York State Senator Rich Funke has sent out an update on his voting record so far this year, and it’s not as party-line as we’d expected! Listen in to find out how the Senator voted!

Music this week features MC Frontalot! Get his new album, “Net Split,” March 8th wherever you get your music, or go to Frontalot.com for albums, tour dates and more!

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