S7E33 Trigger Warning/ All Fired Up!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio Stacey’s on his own! Oh no! Continuing the trend of avoiding talking about the Trump “Administration,” Stacey dove into one of his favorite topics: guns! Really, the boys are both pro-gun, but they are also into common sense regulation.

Speaking of common sense regulation, New York just passed a bunch of it, and now the more… er… enthusiastic segment of the pro-gun community got their cambers all jammed up. The cause of the excitement? The Democrat controlled State government made it a law that if you have guns and children in the same house, the guns have to be locked. It’s honestly a little shocking that that wasn’t already the law, but previous administrations in the state have been significantly more, well, funded by the NRA. And as we all know, the NRA would rather the guns be free and the children be locked up.

Also, New York passed the “Red Flag Law,” which will give schools a way to get guns out of the homes of “high risk” children. Of course, Republicans wave their hands in the air and shout, “that won’t work,” without offering any evidence or alternative solutions. Meanwhile a quick look at gun violence in other States with similar legislation suggests that, yes. Red Flag Laws do indeed prevent gun violence. No gun, no gun violence.

AirWreckRadio: The best words.

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