S7E25 Precious Little Eggs!

Ok folks, we’re just gonna come right out with it: This episode has some audio issues. There was a problem in the studio, and we’re live on the air, so we couldn’t really address it. If it’s too much for you, you can skip ahead to about the 20 minute mark, and it’s all better after that.

Kicking things off: The MAGA crowd has begun bombarding the radio station’s Facebook page because we play “Democracy Now!”, and the notion that most people think differently from them is just intolerable.

In the news: Individual #1 has lost the fight over his stupid wall, and has agreed to stop making Americans suffer for it. The federal government is open, after 35 days of breath holding, and lawmakers are keen to make a deal. President Trump, however, will likely still have to resort, once again, to hostage taking because nobody wants to pay for his silly wall. Border security is one thing, but a very expensive boondoggle to sooth one man’s precious ego, and stoke his supporter’s sense of entitlement is another thing entirely. Oh, and Roger Stone was arrested, but Sarah Sanders says it’s nothing to do with Trump, and she’d never tell a lie.

Closing things up, Boeing had a successful test flight of their new “flying car,” which is more of a quadricopter than a car, but it’s still pretty cool. We at AirWreckRadio look forward to the day when all of the richest people in the cities no longer have to commute in 2 dimensions with the rest of the lowly humans make them rich. Really, they deserve better.

AirWreckRadio: We’re getting too old for this sh*t!

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