S7E24 New Bit, Same as the Ol’ Bit!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys kick things off doing what many Americans are doing this week: complaining about the weather! Here in Rochester, NY we got hammered by a weekend snowstorm, and it caused all sorts of problems!

In the news: Do you know how much a trillion is? You must have some idea, but it’s probably way off! For example: a trillion seconds is equal to nearly 32,000 years! Holy $hi+!

In the real news: The United States Supreme Court decided on Tuesday to allow the President’s stupid bad on transgender people serving in the American Military while the case is being heard. This doesn’t really do much because of some other cases being heard right now, but it does strongly signal how this wack-a-do Supreme Court will decide these cases going forward.

Also in the News: That same Supreme Court has said that it will hear a case concerning NYC’s very, very strict laws which make it nearly impossible for gun-owners in the city to transport their guns legally. The boys agree that the law may be overly restrictive, but wish it was a more representative, less bigoted court hearing this case.

Closing things up, there was a Super-duper, Warrior Blood, Wolf-Blood, Bad-Ass Blood Moon eclipse on Monday, and while the eclipse’s name might be over-the-top and stupid, the fact that a meteor struck the moon during the event, and was caught on camera, is super-duper rad!

AirWreckRadio: You deserve so much better!

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