S7E23 Who Wants to Eat a Millionaire!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys kick things off with some speculation about the plot of the newly revealed Ghostbusters sequel, Ghostbusters III, which looks like it will completely ignore the 2016 all-female reboot in order to provide fan service to the internet’s most vocal, and most toxic, group of haters: white dudes.

In the news: Speaking of toxic white dudes, has anybody seen Mitch McConnell? With America’s longest federal shutdown in history still going, you’d expect to be able to find the Senate Majority Leader, but when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went looking for him with a deal that has the votes to pass, she came up empty handed. See, McConnell has a hidden office in the capital (really), and you need a Marauder’s Map to find it. Being an unabashed coward, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is now the person most responsible for the ongoing shutdown, and he has no problem hiding away from scary democrats.

Closing things up: If you think Mr. McConnell is too busy hiding from his responsibilities to get in front of cameras and complain about democrats, think again! Democrats have introduced new anti-corruption legislation, and Mitch McConnell has a real issue with not being able to be as corrupt as possible. The legislative package, known as HR 1, has three main ideas at its core: reforming campaign finance, strengthening the government’s ethics laws, and expanding voting rights, and those are three things that republicans just can’t have if they want to maintain their power.

AirWreckRadio: More like Bitch McConnell!

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