S7E14 Despicable Christmas!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys talk a little about the new Netflix holiday special, “Big Trouble in Little Cristmas!” In the movie, Snake Plissken-Claus is waylayed by two generic white kids, who’s dad died heroically, and who’s mom tries, but it’s hard to be a widow in late stage capitalism. After the siblings stow-away on Ego, the Planet Claus’ slay, all hell breaks loose and Santa loses his hat. That would be it for Christmas, but luckily, Santa has Minions™… er, elves. Over-all, it’s an ok Christmas movie, but it doesn’t really do anything new for the genre.

In the news, a Southern State is having a hard time determining the results of the 2018 midterms, can you believe it? In South Carolina, Republicans appear to have been up to all sorts of grossness in the States heavily-gerrymandered 9th Congressional District. The examples of fraudulent behavior are so blatant that even the 4 Republicans on the State’s 9 person Board of Elections have refused to verify the results. When you have to cheat so hard, in such a gerrymandered district, that even other Republicans are like, “this seems illegitimate,” it may be time to reconsider your agenda.

Hey! Speaking of despicable Republican behavior, Republican’s in Wisconsin have passed a sweeping set of legislation designed to limit incoming Democratic Governor, Tony Evers’ Gubernatorial power. Ironically, these Republicans claim that this has been necessary for a long time, but they didn’t see fit to do it until their guy, Scott Walker, was on the way out. To add insult to injury, the Wisconsin Republicans did the deed in the most despicable way they could: they held a special, cloak-and-dagger session under cover of night.

Closing things up, The Church of Satan, hot off their successful suit against The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, has won the right to put up a statue in the Illinois Capital Veranda along-side a nativity scene, in honor of Christmas, and a menorah, in honor of Hanukkah. The Statue features a Woman’s hand holding an apple and a snake wrapped around her arm. While it sounds pretty metal, we’re not sure what Eve really has to do with the Holiday Season.

AirWreckRadio: Hey, we’re reasonable guys. But we’ve just been experiencing some very unreasonable things!

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