S7E12 The Weirdest Trail Mix

On this episode of AirWreckRadio, we start things off by asking the big questions! Namely: Where’s Disney with the live-action Tail Spin movie we all want? After that, it’s on to a new segment: “Dunkin’ on Bill Maher!” See, Bill Maher thinks that comic books are just for kids because he grew up in a repressive time when “responsible adults” couldn’t feel free to express their interests, unless those interests were hot rods and date rape. Never mind that he grew up during the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, the Kennedy assassination, the cold war, and Nixon… obviously his time was the best time, and all of the rest of us, whose time it is now, are doing it wrong. New rule Bill Maher: don’t yuck other people’s yums.

In the news this week: We’re all safe from the nasty lettuce that gave 33 people stomach aches! What a relief! Now maybe we can get universal background checks on firearm purchases and make a tiny difference in the amount of gun violence that has claimed over 13,000 victims this year. lol! jk! That’ll never happen because… money! Oh Boy!

Also in the news this week, the migrant caravan has reached the US boarder, and so of course we fired tear gas at women and children, killing two. Meanwhile, Mayor McCheese is still ranting and raving about the “phony witch hunt” that is the Mueller investigation. Here’s the thing about witch hunts: a witch hunt is when you fanatically look for something that isn’t there. So, calling something a phony which hunt is just a weird way of saying what we all know, the Mueller investigation is a legitimate hunt.

Closing things up, the holidays are upon us, and here at AirWreckRadio we want to know what your favorite holiday movies are! Go to Facebook.com/AirWreckRadio and let us know!

AirWreckRadio: We miss romaine so much!

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