S7E04 All Thanks to That Meddling Snake!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio: Stacey kicks things off with a story about what a nightmare being a blue collar worker who’s going back to school can be. When math assignments begin to add up, frustration with an unfamiliar system multiplies, and the result is one egg over one’s face!

In the news this week, a talking snake snuck into a dope garden 6000 years ago and convinced a woman, who was made out of a mud-man’s rib, to eat an apple. So obviously today the Trump administration has announced plans to define gender at the federal level as only binary, and strictly based on birth genitalia. Why? Because that’s what people who go on-and-on about Small Government want.

Closing things up, football stuff! Not really though… When Buffalo Bills’ Footballsmen LaSean McCoy sustained an injury in the first, like, 2 minutes of last week’s game against the Colts, one of the announcers referred to McCoy as a “stud.” Stacey questions the morality of comparing a black man with an Anglo-Saxon last name in America to a farm animal, something even pornographers are beginning to turn away from. Seriously, for the money these announcers make, they could do a better job avoiding inadvertent racist comparisons, but then again, they were educated in sports-talk, not dog-whistles.

AirWreckRadio: “We’re just the same, you and I. Think about it.”

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