S7E01 We’re Not Financial Advisors!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio, Stacey wonders: would a prequel of “The Goonies” even make sense? Seriously, who on One-Eyed Willy’s crew built that organ, where did they get all the bones, and who reset the traps after Chester Cobblepot tripped them? And how did One-Eyed Willy convince his crew to join him in his suicide pact anyway?

In the news this week, the stock market is “crashing” and all the millionaire pundits are panicking. For real, working-class people like us, though, it’s business as usual. Can’t stock up on ammo when you gotta work a third of your life away to keep the kids fed, watered, and sheltered.

Closing things up, Donald Trump, the President of what used to be the greatest nation in the world “wrote” an opinion piece in USA Today, where he was able to publish all sorts of bold-faced lies about the democrat’s “Medicare for All” plan, while also omitting serious facts, like the fact that Medicare for All would save American tax-payers around 2 trillion dollars over the next 10 years.

AirWreckRadio: The best* a man can get!

*best is subjective, and even we don’t believe that!

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