S6E98 Is Brett Kavanaugh Beerchugger69?

On this episode of AirWreckRadio Cory’s back! Yay! The show is funny again! That’s not to say that Stacey isn’t funny, it’s just hard to be funny talking about the news by yourself. The boys start things of talking about Grand Theft Auto Online, where Stacey was recently blown up by a random fratboy named Beerchugger69. The boys wonder where Beerchugger69’s parents went so wrong that their boy though that was a cool Xbox Live handle.

In the news this week, Brett Kavanaugh still looks guilty AF of being a sex-monster, but that’s probably not gonna stop “republicans” on the Senate Judiciary Committee from confirming him to a live long seat on the nations highest court. How’s that for “family values”?

Also in the news, Michigan’s most hurtfully-corrupted bureaucratic agency, the Department of Environmental Quality, has approved a plan to allow Nestlé Corp. to pump nearly twice as much water from public sources into tiny plastic bottles as they we previously allowed. This decision comes in the face of tremendous voter outrage, with over 80,000 comments against the proposal vs. 75 in favor on the DEQ public forum website. The Department of Environmental Quality, you might remember, is the same agency that insists it did nothing wrong when it allowed the Republican-led state government to poison the entire population of the city of Flint, Michigan to save $50k in the State’s budget for 2015. That decision has since cost the country nearly $400 million, and the crisis still looms large. In our opinion, the DEQ should be gutted, and its staff should be replaced by people who think that the Department of Environmental Quality should operate in such a way that ensures environmental quality, but what do we know?

Lastly, the ESA released a photo taken by the Rosetta probe shortly before the probe’s hard landing on comet p67/Churyumov–Gerasimenko back in 2016. The mission was almost a complete success, with the probe traveling for a decade through the solar system in a complex orbit around several planets before it could catch up to, then orbit, then land on the comet, but that doesn’t stop Fox News from insulting the mission in their coverage of the photo.

The photo, by the way, is awesome, and we are the first human beings in history to be able to look at a comet from its own surface.

AirWreckRadio: Special thanks to the @ScienceOnTop podcast for teaching Stacey how to say “Churyumov–Gerasimenko”

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