S6E95 Nothing Says You Did It Like P45 Saying You Didn’t!

This episode of AirWreckRadio starts of following an age-old tradition: Epic Technical Failure! But the boys won’t let a little thing like a broken soundboard stop them from providing mediocre newsfotainment to the masses!

In the News this week, a white guy who was a 17 year old rich white kid with a reputation for binge drinking in 1980, back when sexual assault was almost completely ignored has been credibly accused of attempted rape. Hard to believe, right? Now, 38 years later that rich white kid is trying to be America’s Next Top Justice. But we should all take it easy, because President Trump says Brett Kavanaugh didn’t do it, and President Trump would never not lie about something like that. Republican’s say even if it did happen, it was so long ago it shouldn’t matter, but what SHOULD matter is that if it did happen, Brett Kavanaugh has perjured himself before the Senate, and should therefore be inelligible for consideration for a seat on the nation’s top court.

Closing things up, Stacey saw a bumpersticker that made him laugh out loud! Either Stacey or the driver of that creepy van is showing a lot of hubris, and only time will tell!

This and more on another technical-failure wrought episode of AirWreckRadio!

AIrWreckRadio: The President probably wouldn’t like this show!

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