S6E95 Don’t Call it a Milkshake!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys kick things off talking about how Stacey feels he was bamboozled by scotch maker Glenffidich, who sold him a bill of goods along with three tiny pours of Glenffidich 12, 15, and 18.

In the News this week, America’s most household-named adult film star says some outright funny stuff about America’s most household-named tabloid celebrity! Also in the news, Dane County Supervisor Shelia Stubbs had the police called on her while canvasing for her campaign on Aug. 7. Why? Because she’s black, and some racist ignoramus doesn’t think people like her belong in his community. This happens a lot, and it really doesn’t look good on anybody.

Also, also in the news: Speaking of white people looking bad, Ralph Taylor runs an insurance company in Washington State where he has been attempting to qualify his business for Disadvantaged Business Status, a program designed to help people of color and women-owned businesses. The trouble is, Taylor is whiter than President Trump’s Klan rallies, and he’s got the DNA test to prove it. Now, he’s suing the state because he thinks 4% Sub-Saharan DNA makes him disadvantaged. We think maybe something else in his life has made him disadvantaged, but his insurance company probably shouldn’t get any aide because of it.

Closing things up, it looks like Captain Cook’s famous ship, The Endeavorerer, may have been located of the coast of Rhode Island, where it was scuttled during the American Revolution. Now the battle is on to see what country gets to keep it. It was used to “discover” Australia, it was built by the British, and it was found by Americans, and all three say it should be theirs. The British claim, however, is exceedingly ironic, and the British Empire has been notorious for keeping other culture’s artifacts against the will of those cultures.

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