S6E93 That One-Man Show

On this episode Stacey is all alone! He starts things of by breaking the radio station, which is how you want to start things when you’re all alone. Once it’s clear that the show is still working, he continues the tradition of complaining about the school district’s Transportation Department, and their absolute vacuum of common sense. What’d they do now? They moved his daughter’s pick-up time up 10 minutes without notifying parents! Awesome. When Stacey’s wife called the Transportation department they explained that the children should be waiting “a couple minutes early, anyway,” but Stacey is not convinced that “a couple minutes” equates to 10 minutes.

In the news this week: Thursday was New York’s Democratic Primary, an it was a doosey! While there were some disapointments (Gov. Cuomo held off progressive challenger Cynthia Nixon, and Zephyr Teachout did not win her bid for Attourney General) there was also plenty of reason to celebrate! Of the 8 so-called democrats who caucus with the republican in the NY State Senate, 6 of them were defeated by young progressives, who can expect to preform well in November’s general election, perhaps tugging New York in a more progressive, less corporate cow-tailing direction for the first time in decades.

Closing things up, schools across the Rochester area have begun providing free pads and tampons to their students, which is great, but with each fancy dispenser costing over $350, Stacey does wonder, why not just make the supplies available without the dispensers? Stacey also learns in the story that 42% of New York students come from low-income homes, and he wonders what that says about our State.

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