S6E91 Have You Met You?

On this sweet, sweet episode of AirWreckRadio the boys start off by sharing their back-to-school woes as both of the boys are parents of school-age kids, and Stacey has started his first class since Y2k! The boys question why their daughters have to catch the bus before 7am, when LITERALLY ALL OF THE SCIENCE on adolescent development shows that kids preform better when they start their days later. Is the system setting them up to fail? We think so, but we suspect that it is more a matter of incompetence than malice.

In the news this week: Brett Kavanaugh senate hearings are going exactly as expected. Democrats are asking some important questions, some pertinent questions, and some show-boating questions, while republicans bury their heads in the sand, and Mr. Kavanaugh equivocates, stalls, and uses some very telling language. America the boned.

Hey, speaking of being boned: The New York Times published an anonymously written op-ed which claims to have been written by somebody inside the Trump White House. The topic of the piece? Don’t worry everybody, there are some adults in the White House who make sure that when the President throws his peas on the kitchen floor, they all get picked up and the airplane goes in the hanger. What a relief, right? Meanwhile our special boy is definitely taking this news exactly as the writer of the piece probably suspected. Who is the anonymous writer? Our guess is everyone’s least favorite platinum-topped evangelical cyborg M1-K3 Pence, who stands to gain quite a lot if the 25th Amendment gets invoked and our special boy finds himself removed from office.

Lastly, Stacey is reading Tara Westover’s book “Educated.” The Book is about Dr. Westover’s childhood, where she was the yongest of seven children, raised by devout, and utterly ignorant Mormon father and mother. Her Father runs a scrapyard while occasionally taking on contract work, while her mother is a midwife and herbalist. Her parents never let her go to school, and never visited a doctor, or even a hospital. At 17, Tara decides she wants to attend college like two of her brothers had. She first attends BYU, and then goes on to attend Cambrige, where she eventually earns her PhD. The book hit Stacey a little close to home at times, though, I think we all know, the only Doctorate he’ll ever hold is a Doctorate Pepper!

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