S6E89 It’s Not the Economy, it’s the Stupid!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys kick things off by consulting Stacey’s “Huckster’s Guide to Pan-Handling” for some tips on how to vary up our pleas for people to go to RochesterFreeRadio.com and give to our Patreon! Variety! Also, Stacey introduces a new “Previously on AirWreckRadio” bit which will now play before the theme each episode.

In the news this week: The boys jump into their Wayback Machine to a time long, long ago (last week) when President Trump was on Fox & Fiends whining about how if he got impeached, everybody would be very poor. Looking at the facts of that statement, we learn that the Median Household Income in America is about $60k/year. That sounds ok, until you realize that income inequality, which we know is a thing, pulls that number up significantly, and what that means is that the majority of American households earn significantly less than $60k/year.

To illustrate the point, the boys consult Time.com/Money for their recent story about how Jeff Bezos makes $28k every 9 seconds, while most of his employees make that over the course of a single year. Meanwhile, President Trump is scrapping a 3% pay raise for federal employees, despite all the economic winning he consistently lies to us about. Taking these stories to the greater economy, the boys really dig into what income inequality really means for the vast majority of Americans, many of whom seem to be suffering from a “nobody deserves a raise, except me” syndrome.

Also in the news, President Trump’s ethics lawyer’s wife recently paid a $2,500 fine for smuggling contraband to a 20-something inmate whom she was having an affair with. Got Swamp?

All this and more on another economic episode of AirWreckRadio!

AirWreckRadio: Not your father’s podcast!(…unless you’re one of our kids.)

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