S6E79 What the Trump!?

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys start things off by talking about what kind of mischief they each got up to over the weekend! Cory marched in Rochester’s annual Pride Parade, and Stacey fell off a swing, bruising his arm, and his ego!

In the news this week: If you were the President of the United States of America, how would you use a parasitic social media platform to sow global chaos? If your popular-vote loser Donald Trump, you’d make random late-night threats to foreign leaders using the time-honored method of all-caps tweets. Yup. That’s the guy in the White House right now.

Also, with his own personal (and absolutely bananas) Trade War going super-poorly, The White House has announced plans to provide $12 billion in aid to farmers who are being hit hard on both ends of this madness. Trump’s Tariffs on steel and aluminum are raising the cost of farming, while Chinese retaliation is reducing global demand for American produce. Also, and we didn’t mention this on the show, farmers are constantly threatened by the effects of Climate Change, which the President thinks is a hoax. He’s the only world leader who believes that, but he’s a very stable genius, so he probably knows more that all of the scientists and other world leaders.

Lastly, a team of researchers at The Swansea University Sleep Lab preformed a study on a group of 20 students which prompted internet science rag ScienceAlert.com to create the absurd headline “Scientist Are Finally Figuring Out Why We Dream, And It’s Probably Exactly What You’d Think.”

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