S6E77 The Dullest Shark!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio, the boys were almost late! Oh no! Stacey’s family spent Sunday at “The Greatest Show on Turf,” the Geneseo Airshow, where the found shade under the wings of Memphis Belle, a WWII era B-17 bomber made famous buy the movie of the same name! When he shared a picture of it on twitter, an internet being tut-tutted him about the swastikas on the plane. Those swastikas are on the plane to count Nazi planes downed by each gunner, and so are the only good swastikas.

In the News this week: Former New York Senate Republican leader, Dean Skelos, was found guilty (again) for political corruption charges. Having met with Mr. Skelos’ Legislative Director a month before Mr. Skelos was initially charged, Stacey remembers fondly not being surprised to learn that Dean Skelos is a corrupt politician.

Also in the News, former President Obama issued a statement that “the rich owe the world a huge debt.” That was the headline, anyway. Here at AirWreckRadio, we wish he had been more vocal about that opinion back when his opinion really meant something.

Lastly, The manchrumpian President toured England, where he was greeted by a self-portrait commissioned by the people of England in his honor. Also, he had a private meeting with Vladimir Putin, where, I’m sure, they didn’t discuss anything We the People of need to be concerned about…

AirWreckRadio: Nothing to See Here!

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