S6E65 Radical Empathy is a Bullsh*t Phrase

This episode of AirWreckRadio is crazy late thanks to an unexpected two-hour update on Stacey’s computer! They say “better late than never,” but we’re not sure that applies to AirWreckRadio!

In this episode: Stacey went to the Henrietta Memorial Day Parade, where he soot across the street from a lady who was totally lit on that parade patriotism! Then she congratulated the Boy Scouts by yelling out, “Boys should be in Boy Scouts, girls should be in Girl Scouts!” The troop leader, a woman, informed her that at least one of her Scouts is, in fact, a girl, causing this knees-and-elbows yokel to immediately change her tune.

In the news this week: Hilary Clinton tells students at Yale to engage in “radical empathy,” a phrase that seems to have come fresh out of marketing, and seems to mean absolutely nothing. Also, what’s the value of being an “ally” if the individuals you ally yourself with refuse to accept your healthy critisism.

Closing things up, the boy who accidentally started the Oragon wildfire last year has been ordered to pay a fine of $36 Million, while TransCanada got off with a $135k fine for the Keystone XL spill.

Lastly, what are corporations doing with their tax-break windfall? It isn’t investing it in their employees or facilities, that’s for sure!

AirWreckRadio: Never better!

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