S6E64 Glass Bricks, Stone Houses!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys start things off by getting off track on a Thanksgiving-dinner level conversation about pan-handlers before getting back on track to learn why the oceans are salty! In the News this week, the 22nd shooting at a school in 2018 happened in Texas this day (5.19.18), and we have some feels about that. After that, it’s the rest of the news! Pat Davis is a democrat running for Congress in New Mexico using the campaign slogan, “F*ck the NRA”! Meanwhile, Michael Williams is also running for Congress out of Georgia on the “Deportation Bus,” platform. Not to let a crazy week go by without adding his own personal touch, the President of the United States of America referred to immigrants with the phrase “they’re not people, they’re animals.” In a bright moment, the senate voted to restore net neutrality, but the fight is far from over, with the House still needing to vote. Closing things up, Stacey tells a story from his past, and also a story about bumper-stickers!

AirWreckRadio: This is not a test!

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