S6E62 Everybody’s Junk!

This episode starts of with Stacey’s junky luck with machines! His dryer broke, so he’ll be spending some time at our underwriting business, The Clean-O-Rama laundromat! He sure won’t be getting their on his motorcycle, cause that’s broke too! In the news this week, Huey Lewis is losing his hearing, and John McCain is dying. Sen. McCain said that he couldn’t support Gina Haspel to head the CIA because of her stance on torture, and some classy White House aid said, “He’s dying anyway.” Pretty sweat move from the people who were all bent up about Michelle Wolf’s joke about eye-shadow. Closing things up, it’s our old fall-back: Bumper-Stickers! This week, “Nobody Cares About Your Stick-Figure Family,” and a black Punisher skull with a thin blue line. Yeesh.

AirWreckRadio: About what you’d expect from a show funded by a laundromat!

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