S6E61 The Nicest Lannister

This Episode of AirWreckRadio starts off with Stacey ruminating over the joys of lawn-mowing, and also the joys of seeing “The Avengers: Infinity War”! Don’t worry, there are no real spoilers. After that, Stacey and Cory re-hash a disagreement from last week’s show when Cory said “Trump single-handedly saved the West from North Korea!” He didn’t say that, but Stacey writes the WreckDown, so now he did! In the news this week: Huey Lewis. Not really, I was just going for a gag there, but it turns out Huey Lewis is actually in the news this week because he’s losing his hearing. That’s very sad news. He was a listener. Really in the news this week on our show: Rudy Giuliani is losing his mind just in time to be President Donald Trump’s lawyer! Enjoy!

AirWreckRadio: There’s one joke too many in this WreckDown!

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