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This Episode is a lot of fun, mixed with a lot of, um… fun ups? Starting things off, a hardware causes the boys to start off headed towards the rocks! “Pop Roc”s that is! Stacey took his family to the coffee/cereal/comic bar from the last episode, while Cory’s family saw the new “Tomb Raider” movie! In the news this week, Michelle Wolf told some jokes about some liars, and some folks got upset about that. Turns out, some people are okay with horrible behavior, but not with people telling jokes about it. After that, Stacey tries to take a break, but Cory grabs the wheel, keeping us pointed right at the rocks! With North and South Korea talking again, Cory thinks maybe give President Trump credit where it’s due. Stacey doesn’t agree. Hilarity (or deliriousness) ensures and the boys plow right into the rocks just in time for the end of the show! It was live, it was fun, it was a train-wreck!

AirWreckRadio: For the Empire! For the Lulz! Four plus two is six!

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