Yacking Trix With Pop Roc

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys sit down with UPW Wrestler Jason Savior, who just happens to be one of the owners of the coolest comic shop in Rochester, Pop Roc! Co-owned by former WWE Superstar Colin Delaney, Pop Roc is more than your average comic book store. They offer a family friendly environment where you can sit down and order up your favorite locally roasted coffee, soda, or Monster Energy! While your enjoying your coffee and comics, you can also enjoy your favorite bowl of cereal, topped with your choice of, well, topping… Stacey is especially excited by the prospect of Cocoa Puffs with Whoppers!

Pop Roc is located at 337 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14604, and if your into comics at all, you should check it out!
Find them online at www.poprochester.com

AirWreckRadio: We’re accidentally becoming a show about wrestlers!

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