S6E57 StaceWreckRadio: Episode 1

On this episode, an unforeseen circumstance forces Stacey to do an hour of radio without Cory! Oh No! How did he do? Well, he’s me, and I’m not sure. I think I did ok, but who am I to judge? Topics this week: Trump supporters are quick to look to the stock market, but what does that even mean when wage are stagnant? Also, some Republicans are pushing a bill to protect Robert Mueller in the event that President Trump tries to fire him. Also, also: It’s 4/20! Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer put forward a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. Him being a Democrat, and this being an election year, and Republicans currently in power, there is almost no chance of this bill going anywhere, but hey, it’s nice to see some signaling from the higher-ups in the Democratic Party. That sentence had a lot of comas in it, but whatevs! Closing things up: Scientists put human brains in mice, and now the mice are returning the favor! That can’t be true, but that’s how science headlines work!

Oh! One more thing: There’s music in this episode, and it’s all real fun stuff by Nerdcore artist, MC Frontalot!

AirWreckRadio: Now with 50% less hosts!

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