S6E56 The Coffee Police

This episode starts of with a quick discussion about whether Austin Powers is a familily friendly movie for Stacey to watch with his kids. In the news this week, two men were arrested in Philadelphia for loitering in a Starbucks where they were waiting for a friend. Who gets arrested for loitering in a Starbucks? Black guys, that’s who. The arrests have caused a lot of protesting, the removal of the (dumb-ass) manager from that Starbucks, and Starbucks closing 8,000 of its stores on May 29th for sensitivity training to demonstrate to its employees, and customers, and everyone else, that racial discrimination will not be tolerated. Still, some people are boycotting Starbucks as if this dumb manager acted according to Starbucks’ corporate policy. He didn’t. Wrapping things up this week, the boys discuss some terrible science headlines! This week’s bad headline: “Diamonds Buried Within Rare Meteorites Reveal Existence of ‘Lost Planet’. This headline comes from inverse.com, and while the story it covers is interesting, the headline is sensationalist garbage. We talk about that!

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