S6E54 Here Be Witches (and Over There Be Penguins!)

On This Episode of EricRadio the the boys start off by doing what everybody in America is doing right now: Bitching about the weather! Plus, Stacey’s dinner gets interrupted by a couple of sales people who want to talk his freezing ear off about their Lord and Savior, new windows! In the News this week, President Trump finally gets to live out his dream of killing somebody in NYC, where he lobbied against sprinkler systems for skyscrapers, then his skyscraper caught fire, resulting in the death of a man. He’s such a stable genius! After killing a man, he then went to Twitter to complain that the FBI raid of his lawyer’s office is part of an elaborate “witch hunt.” We think that if your gonna hang around with Death Eaters, you shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself on the road to Azkaban, but that’s just like, our opinion, man. Also in the News, 175 out of 192 Congressional Democrats and 0 of 237 Republicans have Cosponsored a real turkey of a bill! H.R. 5087 is affectionately a called “The Assult Weapons Ban of 2018,” and it is never going anywhere, but that hasn’t stopped many Pro-gun folks from getting all triggered up about this election-year virtue signal! Closing things up, 1.5 million penguins were discovered living on the Danger Islands when satellite imagery relieved a whole lot of penguin poo! Oh Boy!

AirWreckRadio: That’s a lot of poo!

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