S6E49 Arms of an AirWreck!

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys get started with a new (read:HACK) bit! In the news this week, firearm enthusiasts and gun-nuts alike find themselves triggered as YouTube begins pulling videos about crafting illegal or dangerous gun modifications, among other firearm-related videos. Rational enthusiasts across the country are like, “well, that sucks, but YouTube’s business is YouTube’s Business.” Gun-nuts, however, are complaining loudly about the “Liberal-Left coming for our freedoms, and silencing our voice.” In response to having their voices silenced, some content providers are bringing their gun-related content to a place that makes way more sense than just starting their own platform. Where, you may ask, is this sensible place to post videos about crafting silencers and equipping bump-stocks? Pornhub! So obvious! Closing things up, the boys have a little fun talking about some of the nice bumper-stickers they’ve see while out and about!

AirWreckRadio: It makes mouths smile!

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