S6E43 Caucasian People Acting Crazy

On this episode of AirWreckRadio the boys start off lamenting “The Februaries!” You know? That antsy feeling we all get this time of year. Cory and Stacey talk about what they do to help remediate that feeling. In the news this week, West Virginian teachers organize a walk out in protest of their low, low pay. Seriously, they rank 48th by teacher pay in the U.S. Also, CPAC is going on and the conservatives quietly invited the CEO of the National Rifle Association to give a speech on how liberals (He called us “socialists”) want to “eliminate your individual freedoms.” Never mind that A: No we don’t, and B: How about the laundry list of individual freedoms that conservatives ACTIVELY ENGAGE IN LIMITING!!!?? Things like your freedom to choose, well, just about everything personal about yourself! Oh boy! This is gonna be fun!

AirWreckRadio: We’re just the same, you and I. Think about it.

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