S6E29 Settle Down, Snowflake.

This week on AirWreckRadio: The Radio Show, the boys kick things off by not interviewing the “Rust Belt Regge” band, Qwister. Check out their music on qwistermusic.com. In the news this week, North Korea will be attending this year’s Winter Olympics in Seoul, which is nice. Also, the President of the United States of America said a naughty word, and we on the left lost our damned minds about it. For real folks, it’s not like you didn’t already know he thought that way. Closing things up, Stacey introduces his brand-spanking new D&D character, Arvey, a wood-elf who wants to fix orc teeth to right his families past wrongs! Oh boy!

AirWreckRadio: Over 1,000,000 Served!

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