This Week on AirWreckRadio: The Radio Show! It’s a new year, and with it comes chaos! Winter Storm Grayson reeks havoc from Florida to Maine, and everywhere in between! The White House is a total Twit show as Michael Wollf’s new book “Fire & Furry: Inside the Trump White House” hits bookshelves everywhere. Steve Bannon and Donald Trump spent the week airing each others dirty laundry, but that didn’t stop the President from inching the world closer to nuclear apocalypse by Tweeting that his nuclear button is bigger than Kim Jong Un’s. Lastly, Attorney General, and Keabler elf, Jeff Sessions tells Federal Attorneys that they can finally get back to the honest business of locking people up over a plant. This and more on AirWreckRadio.com

AirWreckRadio: For Pete’s Sake!

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