S6E21 – Tuesdays Gone or AWIENS!!

*LOW QUALITY AUDIO* On this Tuesday’s episode of AirWreckRadio: The Radio Show Stacey talks about his much needed weekend of culturally enforced alcoholism! He also uses it as an excuse for why he’s low-energy and unprepared! Then the boys get to kvetching over how Facebook should be better! In the news this week: Aliens! “Former Pentagon UFO official: ‘We may not be alone” is an actual headline on CNN! ABC News dusts off Commander David Fravor of the United States Navy in order to obtain the quote: “I think it was not of this world.” Wrapping up: Perhaps the oldest depictions of domesticated dogs in history! (Pre-history, actually) and some thoughts on how Hunter-Gatherers got into the work-a-day miracle of agriculture!

AirWreckRadio: We’re Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs!

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