S5E26 – Go Home, I’m Drunk

This is the second installment of AirWreckRadio this week. Enjoy Wreckheads, we sure did. The second show, born of the first developed much more quickly. The boys get to work immediately discussing Elizabeth Warren, car insurance, and negotiation tactics. Getting into the meat of the episode Cory and Stacey play some audio from Governer Chris Christie’s time on NY-WFAN in Mike Francesa’s seat, Mike from Montclair calls into giving the Governor a hard time. That conversation brings up the topic of “the privilege of power” relating to local city Mayor Lovely Warren. Moving on the boys discuss the Jane Sanders federal investigation which leads to Johnson2020, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson we mean. This brings about a bittersweet game of “what if” when discussing the Bush/Gore election. Then the conversation suddenly swings into a minutes episode of Nerd-Up discussing fictional monsters, heroes, and the storylines that reoccur during certain times in society.

AirWreckRadio: Dried in a rice bowl till dawn.


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