S5E25 – My Computer Was Drunk

This week’s AirWreckRadio starts off with a bang, or maybe a pour. Stacey was moving things around in the studio when disaster struck. After clumsily tipping from its perch, Stacey’s beer emptied itself into Stacey’s open laptop computer resting just below. After some quick disassembling and some rice, Cory jumps back into the driver show for this show After working out some technical kinks on the mic the boys get the gum flappin’ goin’. The boys have a lot built up this week so this episode will be 1 of 2 for this weeks new content. Topics discussed include neo-liberalism on college campuses that leads to a larger conversation about education and the politics involved. Moving on the economics Cory show sum frustration with opposing ideology leading to a discussion over ideological extremism. The boys also cover Prime Day, NASA news, and patent/copyright laws.

AirWreckRadio: Served slightly moist

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