S5E04 – College Kids Working Title

This week on AirWreckRadio our cereal loving millennial heroes are at it again. They launch this week’s episode with rejoicing because Stacey has joined Cory in the halls of academia, their local community college. Stacey avails us with stories of perseverance AND overcoming obstacles in the application process . Then onto the show-y-er part of hero’s journey discussing the dumpster fire that is US Federal goverment, hazard!

AirWreckRadio: Just because the ‘sgetti sticks don’t mean the sauce is good.

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  1. Jay offers Claire a job, but Claire tries to avoid talking to him about it due to the bad time she had while previously working for him. To get a taste of the experience, he takes the family on a drive to the coast; little does he know, Claire plans to evoke the broiling turmoil between the kids while travelling together in the vehicle to cancel any plans for the trip.

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