S4E48 – Welcome 2017, you beautiful b*tch!

This week, HeadLineNews makes its return as the boys kick off the new year with some heated debate. They discuss conservatism and what it’s rise could mean for American liberalism. Moving on with the spirit of the season, Cory brings up a recent cyber-threat, relieved against our nation’s energy grid. In the Headlines: Elizabeth Warren wants legal marijuana business to have access to banking, Suicide rates among soldiers deployed against ISIS, and What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? The results may shock you on this week’s installment of AirWreckRadio!
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  1. After discussing Johns visit on the last episode the boys kick off the show with 2017 resolutions for white guys that launch a conversation about them vs us. Then the show covers a tone deaf Pepsi ad, A judge body is found .

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