S4E44 – Nerd up II! (plus some news)

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys kick off the show with some fun and banter about privilege and domination (questionable). Using this opportunity to Nerd Up! Stacey and Cory talk about Dr. Strange, sorta. They talk comic book heroes and other related content then, of course, water on Pluto. Sliding into the news the boys discuss #NoDAPL, NObamacare and gender reassignment, red light camera. Wrapping with a speed round about female drafts laws and the nice smooth landing. All this and more eventually!

AirWreckRadio: Rest does the face of bitches.
AirWreckRadio: The news is fake and so are we
AirWreckRadio: Potatoes gonna potate.

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  1. Who can forget ’93, the year when “A Whole New World” was charting and The New World Order was starting as Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law! Kicking off this week’s all-star podcast with some poignant Star Wars stories pointing the show straight into a seamless segway about professional sound-alikes.

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