S4E28 – Status Quolture

This week’s episode of AirWreckRadio is again a twinsie! This week the boys invite Jay from The Mental Overload Show to in studio for a bit, but first, business as usual. First out of the gate, Cory brings up the “With Her” podcast, Hillary Clintons new podcast, then Stacey reminds us that President Obama won the tech-vote by being tech-savvy. Then on to discussing diversity here in the US and around the world, poverty, and of course globalism. Getting the ball rolling, Cory asks Stacey to recall his experience on the morning of September 11th, 2001, after trading stories, the boys discuss Rudy Guliani’s statements about “successful radical Islamic terrorist attacks” not happening before President Obama’s administration. Then onto #HEADLINENEWS covering Anthony Weiner (and more pictures of his), Roger Ailes advises Drumpf, Paul Manafort is in bed with Ukraine, and Donald Drumpf’s campaign. During the conversation, Stacey asks Cory to explain his Anti-Hillary Clinton position, which he does, at length. Then in order to lighten the mood and wrap the show, it’s onto #SpaceNews discussing Jupiter and its moon Ios’ atmosphere.

AirWreckRadio: Has its own collapsing atmosphere.

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