S4E27 – Zika-Headed Baby Dinosaurs and the Hero of 1st Print Comics

This week’s second installment of ‪#‎AirWreckRadio‬ welcomes David Inguagiato owner of 1st Print Comics! Dave is a friend of the show, local business owner, and podcaster who has come to the studio to sit down and discuss geek culture, comic books, movies, TV, storytelling, and they even work in some economics and politics. A 2-hour free form, open forum, extravaganza awaits you as the Tremendous Trio talk turkey discussing the state of storytelling. Examining the differences between Marvel and DC in the movie universes, TV universes, and comics. Also covering Hydras most recent agent, DC Movies in specific, and the economic impact of Batman and Bruce Wayne on the city of Gotham. All this and so, so much more.

AirWreckRadio: Brought to you, in part, by the letter R.

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Check out 1st Print Comics @
1548 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY 14624

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