S4E26 – .38 (minute) Special

It’s been a busy couple of days in the AirWreckRadio Studios and, as a result, this week will come ripe with two installments of your favorite indie-Podcast. Coming up in the next episode is a long form, open forum, chat with friend Dave Inguagiato owner of 1st Print Comics, but first, the boys call upon the muses to spin the yarn politico. The boys jump start this accelerated show with #HEADLINENEWS but with little show prep, they resort to commenting and discussing Donald Trump, Gun Control, Economics, Hillary Clinton, Elections, and the longest presidential campaign in history. All this and some more, somewhere, only on AirWreckRadio!

AirWreckRadio: It has what ears like

#Trump #Drumpf #Clinton #Economics #Election #Representative #Politics #President #POTUS #POTUS45

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