S4E25 – …About Last Week

This week on AirWreckRadio, Cory and Stacey practise a mild desire for anarchy when they kick their flows straight with no page, rejecting The Sticky Note of Destiny, they freestyle an hour of podcast gold. Starting our party with a doomsday clock reminder telling you, the listeners, exactly how many days have passed since Americans realised our country was starting to grow out of control, also Cory reminds us exactly how many days we have until we decide on the next person that will try and pull us out of our economic and social flat spin.

The boys dig in discussing Drumpf v. Grieving father of a combat veteran, Mr Khan’s speech, and the political savvy of the situation. Stacey explains globalism, trade agreements, his least favorite Sith Lord Alan Greenspan, competition through insecurity, the minimum wage, and poverty. Moving on to human behavior, the boys discuss police training, surplus military equipment, and then a fun round of “6-Degress” of money. The NSA, 9/11 George W. Bush, presidential disillusion, and a hand written “Burn The Benghazi Witch” sign on a pickup truck are all on the docket as well.

After all that, Cory addresses his emotionally charged rant from last week. He begins by urging people to support smaller parties in an attempt to build a multi-party system but also to support progressive democrats “down the ticket.” Then Stacey and Cory talk about voting and supporting smaller parties in New York State, like the GREEN and Libertarian Parties.

The show wraps this week on a lighter note, reminiscing about Dr. Who and Star-Trek DS9. Remember to Like us on Facebook and Review us on iTunes.
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